Instructions on Medical Injection Molding Outsourcing

Class I, II and III medical devices, which include products like medical device housings, surgical instruments, implantables, emergency room products, fluid delivery devices and containers,cardiac products, blood delivery products, pediatric devices, in vitro diagnostics, medical imaging, obesity treatment devices, optic

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Significance of Your Injection Molder Providing Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain management encompasses the planning and management of Sourcing, Procurement, Conversion and Inventory Management.

It also embraces the crucial components of collaboration and coordination with suppliers and customers.  

The key supply chain processes are:

  • Customer relationship and customer service ma 
  • Order fulfillment
  • Manufacturing flow management
  • Supplier relationship management

 A lot of companies are starting to see their supply-chain as a way to not only reduce cost - but also drive revenue growth and competitive advantage.

This helps launch new products on schedule while ramping-up production quickly. Manufactures are realizing a communicative, collaborative relationship with their injection molder is critical to success.

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Plastic Resin Outlook for Beginning of 2017

The coming price shifts for the resin markets have been identified for the coming year. When it comes to ABS, polycarbonate, nylon 6 there has been some movement. As with any market - there are some key details behind the pricing movements.

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Tips for Transferring Your Injection Molded Tooling for Manufacturing

Transferring your molds to another vendor to run production can be a daunting task.  This can be a complicated, sometimes scary decision that can be inherently permeated with stress due to the numerous items and processes to be considered.  

Any potential injection molder needs to prove its financial stability as a company before being chosen as the successor in obtaining your tools and running production.  Also - be absolutely certain your chosen injection molder has a documented tool transfer procedure.  

Tool transfer procedures need to include every step the new vendor will take to ensure the smoothest tool transfer - one that genuinely limits any loss of production.  

How To Safely Support Tool Transfer of Injection Molding Tooling

It's the responsibility of your new injection molder to establish your tool transfer team. This team needs to consist of and be prepared by;

  • Representatives from all appropriate departments 
  • All personnel from engineering through production who need to be notified of your tooling project to learn what is expected before the tool arrives at their facility 

Any pertinent information about the tools will be given to the new vendor for proper evaluation and inspection of the tools.  This information includes:

  • Drawings 
  • Mold specifications
  • Part information 
  • Production information 
  • Quality information and any required value added information or auxiliary equipment 

Always discuss project time lines, expectations and frequency of project updates with your injection molder early in the tool transfer process so you remain in the loop at all times.

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Reshoring for the Manufacturing Industry

There have been conflicting reports about how the US manufacturing industry is faring in the effort to reshore USA manufacturing jobs. The nation's A.T. Kearney report attempts to fill this gap through measuring the United States imports. Other interests use the surveys of corporate reshoring plans - however, companies will often veer off these plans with no warning.

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