Crescent Wire EDM

VIDEO: A look inside Crescent tooling facility showcasing our wire edm capabilities. This is one of many machines used to fabricate injection molds used in our production facility.

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How to Prepare for Your Injection Molding Tool Transfer

How to begin transferring your injection mold tooling can be difficult.  The goal is to accomplish a seamless tool transfer with minimal or uninterrupted production. The only way to accomplish this is by following a well-executed, thoroughly documented procedure. Documentation is critical, because using proven procedures is what makes it possible to have uninterrupted production. 

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Tips for Transferring Your Injection Molded Tooling for Manufacturing

Transferring your molds to another vendor to run production can be a daunting task.  This can be a complicated, sometimes scary decision that can be inherently permeated with stress due to the numerous items and processes to be considered.  

Any potential injection molder needs to prove its financial stability as a company before being chosen as the successor in obtaining your tools and running production.  Also - be absolutely certain your chosen injection molder has a documented tool transfer procedure.  

Tool transfer procedures need to include every step the new vendor will take to ensure the smoothest tool transfer - one that genuinely limits any loss of production.  

How To Safely Support Tool Transfer of Injection Molding Tooling

It's the responsibility of your new injection molder to establish your tool transfer team. This team needs to consist of and be prepared by;

  • Representatives from all appropriate departments 
  • All personnel from engineering through production who need to be notified of your tooling project to learn what is expected before the tool arrives at their facility 

Any pertinent information about the tools will be given to the new vendor for proper evaluation and inspection of the tools.  This information includes:

  • Drawings 
  • Mold specifications
  • Part information 
  • Production information 
  • Quality information and any required value added information or auxiliary equipment 

Always discuss project time lines, expectations and frequency of project updates with your injection molder early in the tool transfer process so you remain in the loop at all times.

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The Value of a Documented Tool Transfer Procedure for Injection Molding

When it comes to tool transfer for injection molding production relocation - following a well-executed documentation procedure is critical. This is what makes it possible to have uninterrupted production.

Considerations for Transfer of Injection Molds from Vendor to Vendor

Avoid the inherent stress of the tool transfer by making sure you consider every angle that might be affected by the process. Some of these considerations include:

  • Choosing a financially stable company
  • Verifying the company has a documented tool transfer process
  • Verification that no steps of the process are missed
  • All pertinent tool information transfers should be verified

Make sure you discuss details such as project time lines, expectations and frequency of project updates with your injection molder as early as possible in the tool transfer process.

Documented Tool Transfer Procedures

A tool transfer team should be in place from the very beginning of the evaluation process. The strongest teams consist of a representative from each of the most pertinent departments.

Engineering through production departments need to be appraised of the documented details of the tooling project process so they can understand what to expect when the tools arrive at their facility.

Forming effective partnerships is also essential. Items that need to be provided to your injection molder for the evaluation and start of the project are as follows:

  • Drawings
  • Mold specifications
  • Part information
  • Production details
  • Any other value-adding information or auxiliary equipment
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Why a Documented Tool Transfer Procedure is Important

Its big news when you decide to transfer your injection molds to another vendor for production. There are several reasons why a company may want to transfer injection molds from one location to another.  Your new injection molder should provide a seamless plan for mold transfer with minimal or uninterrupted production.

Only the people directly involved with the molding process understand the impact of the condition of the mold, quality specifications, resin selection and part geometry has on manufacturability.  For a profitable future, the evaluation phase is important. Every injection mold transfer requires planning upfront, investments and communications so as to achieve expectations and goals of the project. However, there will be discoveries and events that were not planned for. Complete understanding of the project goals should be in place and clearly defined with your new injection molder.

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