Tips for Precision Production Machining Outsourcing

Precision production machining is an important player in the production of high-accuracy and high-quality components.  It is one of the most important techniques used in industries today and used for shaping tools and parts to their highest-possible level of accuracy and tolerance.

This process is capable of handling many types of metals. Different cutters are used based on the material in use such as solid cutters, laser cutters or even water cutters in order to provide the optimum levels of accuracy. 

Steps Need To Be Taken to Protect High-Levels of Accuracy 

When looking for a production machining partner, you need to consider a range of issues beginning with the application.  The OEM should always partner with a vendor who is fully-qualified to work within the required component material. Be sure to consider the vendor’s equipment and level's of expertise. 

For higher standards of intricacy or tighter tolerances, the OEM will need to inquire about the experience levels of the vendor for specific applications or industry-critical requirements. 

To run an advanced production, quality equipment like CMM's which are used to inspect parts for dimensions are needed. Another consideration includes the vendor's ability to provide any pre or post production services like engineering assistance, assembly or packaging that may be required for your project. 

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Production Machining for the Medical, Defense and Aerospace Industries

Precision. This is the most fundamentally critical element to the process of production. And in no industries is precision production machining more essential than in the medical/pharmaceutical, defense and aerospace industries.  Indeed, the precise and exact dimensions of the final components utilized in these applications can mean the difference between life and death both in the surgical suite, on the front lines and soaring in the air.

In terms of medical application, production machining involves the precision production of items utilized in a wide range of medical instruments, surgical implants, and devices used for purposes of orthotics. Many of these components are extremely small, and because of their vital nature, the final products must be delivered right the first time. There is no room for trial and error in these applications.

To add to the complexity, production machining for medical, defense and aerospace industries often includes the machining of very small parts. The ability to produce these tiny end products with absolute precision is critical.

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