How Important is On Time Delivery (OTD)

Posted by Kevin Allison on Jul 03, 2019

There are over 16,000 injection molders in the United States alone so it is understandable that choosing a plastic injection molding partner may seem like a daunting task! There are many factors to consider when selecting a molding partner; however, there is one key criterion that stands out: delivery performance. This metric is also referred to as On Time Delivery, or OTD.

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Packaging Options Which to Choose

Posted by Kevin Allison on Apr 24, 2019

Product packaging is sometimes an after-thought – just an additional product cost that companies don’t have time to optimize. The reality is that secondary operations such as packaging are well worth the effort to improve. When partnering with a single-source provider such as Crescent, product packaging becomes an extension of the production process, providing customers with a complete manufacturing solution, and providing value by minimizing the number of vendors involved and enhancing product reliability and consistency. Single-source providers that offer packaging services streamline manufacturing by improving efficiency - saving OEMs time and money on various costs such as transport, storage, product damage, and materials.

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