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(Updated January 2024)

As we gear up for 2024, below are some updates on some of the most common injection molding resins.   Consider this information when looking into future orders or planning your next project. 

At Crescent, we watch these trends to help you plan for future orders on critical components.
  • The automotive and appliance markets remain strong resulting in an expected price increase for ABS.
  • Fire Retardant ABS continues to be in short supply, so prices will remain elevated.
  • The supply for Acetal continues to improve, so price drops should continue in 2024.
  • A price increase of $0.05 per pound for PE began in January 2024.
  • Nylon pricing hit a low in the third quarter of 2023; projections anticipate the price to hold through the first quarter of 2024.
  • The supply of Nylon 6 and 6/6 is good, with plenty of surplus for typical grades.  However, special order domestic supply lead times range from 4-10 weeks.
  • An estimated healthy growth in demand for polycarbonates in 2024 and lead times continue to decrease. 
  • Prices for polycarbonate are anticipated to remain the same.
  • The market for polypropylene supply is improving and prices have been stabilizing.
  • Relatively, flat pricing going forward in 2024.
  • Supply is plentiful for polystyrene both domestically and overseas.
Engineering Grades
  • PBT has a tight supply domestically, but imports are available.
  • Glass additive supply has been improving.
  • Flame retardants and other additives are still constrained and will remain so through 2024.


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