mud-unit-mold-1831-carticept-hand-piece-over-moldTo best accomplish consistency for the highest quality plastic injection molding components - sound principles need to be applied across the field. Scientific injection molding principles are the only approach to repeatable quality product.

Repeatability is key for injection molding. The nature of this process provides the ability to produce the exact same device over and over with exactitude. Repeatability is essential for considering medical devices - as sterility and precision, process validation and control are of utmost importance to create true reliability. 

There are several factors that effect repeatability: 

  • Fill time for the flowable material into the mold 
  • Screw design 
  • Consistent melt quality 

Critical advantages are achieved anytime these common principles are applied to the process. It is the only way to consistently accomplish controlled production end products. 

How to Guarantee Correct Molding Process and Function

Having an ability to measure both consistency and efficiency is a critical advantage. For higher-end products, traceability is also mandatory. Especially when it comes to higher-end applications. This includes medical devices, military and defense products as well as aerospace industry components.

Automated containment control is quickly applied anytime suspect production quality is encountered, which means process and function losses for these faulty components can be immediately diverted.

These scientific enhancements deliver a profound reduction in defective products through prevention. Other enhancements include:

  • Elimination of production mold defect potentials
  • Cavity measurement techniques for waste elimination
  • Elimination of over-processing 

These advances would not have been possible without the data collection processes required for scientific injection molding evolution. The optimizations delivered through this predictability and enhanced accuracy has virtually eliminated the past problems with defects and waste. 

All of these optimizations owe their successes to the streamlining of the principles and practice of the advancements in the science of plastic injection molding.

The science of plastic injection molding continues to advance and evolve. It has become integral to our markets and industries. This is why the scientists who strive to continue making these advancements are continuously working to improve on these significant accomplishments.  

Crescent Industries has long been utilizing scientific injection molding principles with decoupling molding principles in order to better establish their molding processes for our custom injection molded plastic components.



Information included in this article is in part from the article: Overcoming the Intricacies of Medical Molding through Collaboration - from MD&DI Guide to Outsourcing August 2012 by Rob Cooney and Ryan Katen.  

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