PaMedical_Group_Feb_2016_Pic_3A.jpgrts made by injection molding are widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Some of the many varieties of plastic injection molded parts include;

  • Class I, II and III Medical Devices
  • Device Housings
  • Surgical Implants
  • Fixation Devices
  • Fluid Delivery Devices & Containers
  • In-Vitro Diagnostics
  • Cardiac Products

Injection molding is the popular  manufacturing process for more complex device parts. Both simple and extremely complex shapes can be produced by injection molding, which is why the process is used to prepare a wide variety of plastic medical device parts.  These may require formulation of polymers that include a wide range of additives such as colorants, antioxidants, filters and plasticizers.

Understanding The Plastic Part Manufacturing Process
The major elements of an injection molding part manufacturing process involve:

  1. Melting of a material composed of resins, followed by the mass transfer of this molten resin material from an injector into channels called runners.
  2. Runners are located inside the mold. The molten material flows into the mold cavity where hardening into a plastic component shaped like the cavity takes place.
  3. Once hardening of the material inside the mold into the shape of the cavity has completed - it is then ejected from the cavity in the form of the finished product   .

Injection molds are made up of a series of metal plates that have precisely machined cavities.  These metal plates are made of steel either hardened or pre hardened.  The commonly used hardened tool steels will contain S-7, H-13, 420 stainless steel, while the prehardened tool steels are comprised of  P-20 and mod pre-hardened stainless steel.  

Molten resins are injected into the cavities and allowed to harden into plastic.  After the molded part cools and cures, the part takes its final form.   Then post molding operations take place including assembly, packaging, pad printing, drilling, tapping, sterilization etc.   

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