NPE 2015 Plastics ShowIn order to make great things happen - coming together to learn about advances and new applications within the plastics industry is essential. Working together is key. This means the advances and advantages can be multiplied and shared broadly with those needing a step up.

The International Plastics Showcase (NPE2015)  is the international plastics community’s most important trade show. It is a conference and a learning and networking opportunity that is unmatched by any other event for this industry and has been for over 75 years.   Every Industry Sector is Represented.  This includes the end market, as well as trends, equipment, and every aspect of the latest advances in technology. Every phase of the plastics production process delivers the trusted solutions required for any kind of challenge or issue that may arise for plastic injection molding.     Solutions are the focus - and working with networks means working together - any problem is solved, and every market moves forward.     Here are just a few of the great things that will be achieved:   

  • Gain access to over 60,000 highly experienced professionals
  • Discover new tools, and access to emerging technology
  • Witness the unfolding future of plastics processing
  • Interact with over 100 countries with international buying teams
  • Connect with 20,000 unique companies who represent the full range of end-user markets - including products, housing, medical, packaging, construction and much more

Learn About New Consumer Products for Plastic Injection Molding   

Help shape the future of plastic injection molding by sharing and learning in an environment specifically designed to cross-train and inform every aspect of this incredible and fast growing industry.    Unequalled in the ability to bring every diverse aspect of the plastics industry together under one roof and in one great focus for advancement of the field -  this conference is an historic opportunity to move every section of your processing and delivery forward. Game-changing materials, equipment, innovation and technology arrive on every stage of the distribution and processing for today’s fast-paced plastics industry.   A One Million Square Foot Exhibition Hall, that is literally filled to capacity with full-scale, operating machinery and equipment. Also experience:  

  • 2,000 exhibiting companies 
  • A multi-pronged conference program 
  • Amazing cutting-edge technology pavilions 
  • Unprecedented networking opportunities and special events

Educational Programming / Unprecedented Technical Presentations  

Finally, the 2015 industry-leading conference has partnered with, organizations and companies to provide features like educational programming, technical paper presentations or co-located events.   Crescent Industries will be a major participant, and opportunities to connect and interweave will be abundant. Held previously in Orlando, Florida in 2012 - this beautiful set and setting will provide inspiration and guidance for all who join us.   NPE has announced that it anticipates even greater participation from up and down the global plastics supply chain. Especially because it is returning to this very popular, business-friendly venue for 2015.   NPE has consistently been produced by the trade association SPI (Society of Plastics Industry). This continues to be the only international plastics event presented by the industry and for the industry.  SPI was founded in 1937. This was done in order to advance the interests of the plastics industry while providing companies with a place to deliver forums designed to address core issues while also identifying key industry opportunities. It has been providing support while also helping to catalyze growth for more than eight decades.

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