MD&M East Logo for Email 2013 resized 600The leaders of the medical and specialty device manufacturing fields are supporting innovation and evolution within the marketplace. This is the best way to support the improvement and process delivery for anyone needing specialty medical device manufacturing.

To this end, special conferences and exhibitions are organized to bring all of the most important players together. This speeds development processes, connects critical knowledge base carriers together and dramatically assists in the further discovery of heightened innovation and development.

Supporting the Evolution of Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East has developed an ongoing approach to keep this connection between groups of medical device development professionals adding to the inspiration, partnerships, education, and technologies needed. This fuels the drive for medical device innovation.

The next exhibition scheduled is from June 18-20. The next conference is happening from June 17-20. Market leadership for injection molding processes and specialty medical and other device manufacturing will be presenting at these events by hosting booths focused with new information and the newest edge-cutting discoveries to ease and support the device manufacturing process.

Crescent Industries is one of the most dynamic of these presenters because they are an employee-owned company that has helped to stabilize the markets and establish parameters for quality and service expectations for those in need of predictable quality control within the field.

To view the newest information and innovative approaches to processes for medical device manufacturers, be sure to visit Crescent Industries at Booth #3445. 

Up Close, Face to Face and Hands On

The medical device manufacturing industry has been both growing and stabilizing over the last decade. Take advantage of the opportunities to have face to face meetings, access to more information and expertise about the latest technologies, materials and equipment.

Some of the highlights of this event include:

  • Access to over 900 suppliers and contract service providers
  • Presentations by keynote speakers
  • Tear downs of LIVE devices
  • Participation in the 15th annual medical device excellence awards
  • Tools for event planning and improved networking venues
  • The opportunity for cross-over event participation with co-located events such as Atlanta Design & Manufacturing, PLASTEC east expo, Pharma Pack, ATX East and more.

The exhibitions at the MD&M East Conference make it possible to select from at least 4 tracks across 4 days. You will have the opportunity to hear from over 80 excellent speakers. These speakers are chosen from the most respected of the international medical device manufacturers and thought leaders who will be speaking on each stage of concept-to-market.

MedTech Innovate Seminars include 2-hour sessions consisting of short talks by top medtech innovators. It also includes the finalists from the prestigious 2013 MDEA Awards. This event will help get you up to speed with all of the latest medical device innovations currently emerging with the market.

Take Advantage of this Quality Educational Opportunity Today

If you work anywhere within the medical device manufacturing field there is something here for you to learn or observe. MD&M's participants include thousands of medical device manufacturing development professionals from across the spectrum. From research and development to manufacturing and operations to regulatory and clinical affairs and executive management - they host specialists and professionals from companies lead the field and that span the nation.

From as long ago as 1983, Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East has been a primary resource for well over 3,500 medical OEM companies. All of them are currently operating from the Northeastern United States.

Every year, hundreds of suppliers dedicate themselves to other OEM markets in order to join MD&M East. This creates a benefit for targeting the multi billion-dollar medical device manufacturing market – in an industry that has been producing double-digit annual growth for well over a decade. 

Since 1983, Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East has been the principal resource for more than 3,500 medical OEM companies located in the Northeastern United States. Each year, hundreds of suppliers dedicated to other OEM markets join MD&M East and benefit from targeting the multi-billion-dollar medical manufacturing market–an industry that has experienced double-digit annual growth for more than a decade. - See more at:

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