Medical ComponentsClean room medical manufacturing operations and management can be an industrious challenge. Countless tasks must be undertaken and numerous requirements must be met. Safe, sterile, pristine medical equipment and components are vital for certain medical devices to meet approval.   Clean room molding, assembly and packaging are aspects of facility operations that can be outsourced or contract manufactured

In order to gain the benefits of using contract manufacturing, it is best to focus on a few key items.

Cost Savings

Contract manufacturing delegates specific production to another company. For a medical device manufacturer, a clean room contractor could be an ideal outsourcing option. For instance, companies that specialize in clean room injection molding, assembly and packaging can actually produce the various components in a certified ISO clean room so that the medical device manufacturer can avoid the expenses of a clean room facility, equipment and trained personnel.    Contract manufacturer’s typically have relationships with vendors and a logistics supply chain for their industry providing quality materials and resources at a reduced rate.

Mutual Partnership

A contract between the contract manufacturer and the company it’s producing for may last several years so it is imperative that the company forms a good relationship and partnership with its contract manufacturer.  Additionally, a medical company that chooses contract manufacturing would have to rely on the contractor’s resources, time constraints, and prioritized clientele schedule. All of the potential risks truly demonstrate the importance of establishing a good, working relationship between the medical device company and the clean room contract manufacturer. A positive, professional, foundation creates an atmosphere for success.

Advanced Skills

Companies can take advantage of the contract manufacturer’s specialized skills like design-for-manufacturing which will help to build a more efficiently engineered and manufacture product.  This is increasing important when you are making products for the medical industry and utilizing a clean room facility for manufacturing.    


A medical device manufacturer is fundamentally responsible for the safety and effectiveness of their products. Therefore, safety and quality standards are of utmost concern. For example, if a clean room contract manufacturer’s safety and quality standards are subpar to that of the medical device manufacturer, not only could the product be compromised, but the facility’s accreditation and reputation could suffer as well. However, by choosing a company with quality standards that mirror the company’s own, equipment production and specifications can be met and possibly exceeded.  Contract manufacturer’s producing components for the medical industry should have quality control protocols in place.  

Crescent Industries understands the specific needs of a customer. Clean room injection molding and contract manufacturing are just some of the company’s areas of expertise. Excellent standards, facilitating trust, and striving for quality components are cornerstone points for the company. Let Crescent Industries answer any questions about your clean room contract manufacturing needs.

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