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Quality Inspection EquipmentAre you looking for superior custom injection molded plastic components? Do you work in an industry, such as medical devices, pharmaceutical, safety, defense or aerospace that has little room for error or faulty components? Crescent Industries uses automated/CNC quality inspection equipment to dramatically reduce the incidence of inferior components making it through the QC check points and thus ensure that you, our client, is getting the best custom injection molding product possible.

To make sure that our employees are able to deliver the quality that our customers expect, Crescent Industries uses automated equipment for measurements and data acquisition. The Crescent team is committed to listening to and understanding our customers' needs and consistently shipping injection molding products that meet these agreed upon specifications. 

Advantages of Automated/CNC Quality Inspection Equipment in Injection Molding
Crescent Industries uses automated quality inspection equipment which is calibrated to national standards for all of its custom injection molding products. Such equipment has several advantages over visual or hand inspection. Among these are:

  • Bypassing the human element. Automated quality inspection equipment takes the human element out of the equation, eliminating visual or judgement errors that can be made by even the most skilled QC technician.
  • Improving inspection accuracy. Automated quality inspection equipment creates measurement reports and allows quick repeatable inspection of complex parts which can than be easily compared to historical data to the most recent production run to detect material or processing issues.
  • Examining small parts easily. With small and delicate components, hand measurement can be difficult and potentially damaging to the part. Computerized optical and video equipment handle this problem easily and safely.
If you'd like to learn more about how our automated/CNC quality inspection equipment can increase your customer satisfaction and your profits, visit Our Web Site. We've been providing manufacturing clients with quality custom injection molded products and helping them keep that competitive edge since 1946.

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