Clean Room PackagingWhen looking for a provider of medical plastic injection molding, precision and cleanliness are absolutely paramount. You simply cannot underestimate the importance of the highest standards of both cleanliness and precision when you are dealing with any item that will be used medically.  Medical devices are subject to incredibly tight and thorough regulations when it comes to their manufacturing processes. There is no tolerance for error, and lives quite literally depend on the products you need produced.

A company that is a single source provider should always strive to maintain the highest level of cleanliness throughout the entire process; including the construction and assembly of your product, and even on to the packaging phase of your product.  This is vital to the long-term success of your vision once it is complete and reaches the market, you must be certain that your product does not compromise a patient's safety.

When you deal with a company with an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485:2003 certification, you can be sure that the highest standards are in place, and are being evaluated constantly.  It is reassuring to you, and to your clients, that the product is being produced using the ISO 13485:2003 quality guidelines.

 The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that in 2007, in the United States alone, there were over one million accidents that were linked to medical devices. Worse still, the report goes on to state that in some countries that are still developing, possibly up to 50% of all medical equipment is partially or entirely unusable.

Crescent Medical Plastics Molding MachinesWhen it comes to medical plastic injection molding, it is vital to keep dust, particulates, lubricant and other contaminates away from your product. The need for clean room services cannot be ignored, and the results cannot be argued with.  With surgical, dental and other medical devices needing to be able to reach the highest levels of sterilization and be produced with absolute precision, Crescent Industries has the capability to produce custom injection molding in an ISO 8 clean room.  Assembly and packaging services are also available with high levels of cleanliness, with the capability to perform these services in an ISO 7 clean room. 

There is a need for precision when it comes to medical plastics and products.  With our state-of-the-art machinery, over twenty molding machines, and a staff that has undergone special training in clean room regulations, requirements and all associated procedures; you need to give Crescent Industries a call before you start on your next project. Our medical plastics division (Crescent Medical Plastics) has the capability to produce Class I, Class II and Class III medical devices, as well as custom surgical equipment and disposable products for the growing medical and pharmaceutical industry.

How important is clean room molding, assembly and packaging to your projects?

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