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4 Current Trends for Full-Service Medical Contract Manufacturers

An ongoing trend in the world of contract manufacturing is the rise of the “full-service” contract manufacturer (CM): a CM that vertically integrates what used to be several activities spread along a typical supply chain. By turning to full-service medical contract manufacturers, OEM’s can achieve vendor consolidation and reap its many resultant benefits: transportation and supply cost savings, in addition to supply chains that are more responsive to changing business demands, are simpler to manage, and help reduce risks involved with too many vendors.

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Crescent Shape Grabber

VIDEO: First look at Crescent Industries newest inspection tool for our custom injection molded plastic components.

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Crescent Automation Lab

VIDEO: Take a peek into Crescent Industries automation lab to learn how we use collaborative robots to support our injection molding and post molding operations.

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Crescent Wire EDM

VIDEO: A look inside Crescent tooling facility showcasing our wire edm capabilities. This is one of many machines used to fabricate injection molds used in our production facility.

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Automation Advancements in Plastic Injection Molding

When OEMs partner with a contract manufacturer (CM), the CM’s capabilities effectively become an extension of the OEM’s. The increasing computerization of the molding industry has ushered in new advances in automation and robotics that continue to drive the injection molding industry forward.

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