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It’s complicated out there.

The world is constantly changing, causing changes in resin raw material costs and supply, such as the economy, global events (like pandemics and wars), and weather events that can disrupt the supply chain.  

Yet demand still exists for plastic injection molded parts, and some of them are essential for health and safety.

How serious are resin raw material supply chain issues?

And what can manufacturers do to plan for and mitigate some of these difficulties?

Resin Supply Chain Issues

Beyond the significant challenges related to global events that required several resin suppliers to declare Force Majeure or move to limited allocations.

The availability of ABS, Polyethylenes, Nylons, Polycarbonates, and other materials are frequently changing.

Of course, resins are not the only raw material affected by these tumultuous events.

It can all be a bit overwhelming. How do you know what’s within your control? 

Find a Reliable Injection Molding Partner

Supply chain problems related to war, pandemics, and natural disasters are not something we can control. That’s why it is even more critical than ever to find an injection molding partner that is experienced and able to help guide you through material lead times and delays.

Finding a reliable, U.S.-based injection molding manufacturer with experience sourcing raw materials will save you some of the headaches of future supply chain issues.

The right injection molding company will be a partner that helps minimize the risks so your project remains on schedule.

With all the uncertainties surrounding raw materials, shipping, and delivery, it is more important to plan and discuss your needs with a trusted partner, so everyone involved has enough lead time to cope with the inevitable setbacks.

An injection molder that understands these supply chain issues and communicates them to their customers helps to prepare them in advance to mitigate long lead times.

Using a buyer’s guide can help start the conversation as you prepare for and request a plastic injection molding quote.

With the right tools, you can find a partner like Crescent Industries to help you navigate a changing supply chain, meet your project requirements, and provide on-time, on-budget delivery.

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