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Increased adoption of plastics in healthcare products and rapid technological advancements in the medical market sector lead experts to believe that the global medical injection molding market size will reach $33.28 billion by 2030.

The injection molding process is well-suited for medical device production because it is versatile and efficient, has a fast turnaround, and can produce high volumes. The medical injection molding industry is a cost-effective and efficient way to make high-demand medical products and parts.

With such an important job, medical device manufacturers and research and development engineers need to ensure the injection molds they are sourcing comes from a reputable, reliable supplier. So how do you identify the right supplier for your business? Well, it comes down to a few steps:

  • Set your criteria: Identify the qualifications you need from the product and its supplier. 
  • Browse your options: Compare the different suppliers available. 
  • Call for bids: Reach out to request cost information. 
  • Evaluate bid submissions: Evaluate the short-term and long-term costs based on each bid.
  • Monitor supplier performance: Continue monitoring your selected supplier's performance to ensure quality and production standards are met. 

Now that you’ve learned the basics for choosing a supplier let’s dial into the medical injection molding industry. Below, you can find four key steps when sourcing a cost-effective injection molding supplier.

  1. Verify supplier abides by required medical certifications

For example, you should demand a medical device injection molder’s quality management system to be certified to ISO 13485 standards. So documentation and quality controls meet the requirements of the FDA.

The range of regulation depends on the amount of contact the device will have with the human body. Plastic medical devices implanted within the human body are the most regulated. 

  1. Choose a supplier with relevant expertise. 

    The injection molding industry can serve a variety of different applications. Sourcing products from a supplier with years of experience in your particular field increases the chances of a seamless process providing you with the exact parts you need. Product design is a vital part of the plastic injection molding process. Partnering with a supplier with extensive experience in injection molding for the medical industry means the proper product development steps have been taken. 
  2. Look for longevity in product quality and production. 

    So you’ve found the right medical injection mold supplier that meets your needs. But the work doesn’t stop there. The right partner will provide molds that withstand the test of time. Additionally, with the medical industry’s demands increasing, your ideal supplier must provide uninterrupted production of your molds without sacrificing quality. Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ), and Performance Qualification (PQ) are the backbone of producing and maintaining quality medical device production.
  3. Choose a provider that can scale with you. 
    Product demand in any field is elastic. After a few years of enduring an unpredictable supply chain, you want to work with a provider that can scale alongside your business. For example, does the supplier have enough capacity to manufacture and distribute large orders? In addition, does the supplier have a track record of keeping up with technology advancements and changes within the medical device industry? 

To guide quotes and orders into uniform mold types, you should understand the Society of Plastics Industry (SPI)’s five injection mold classifications. The correct mold type is vital to achieving quality, production, and cost goals. Therefore, have the right injection mold quoted upfront to meet that projected demand.

All injection molders are not created equal. Some lack the tools or experience to meet medical industry regulations, scale to meet high demand, or ensure quality control suitable for the medical device industry. Crescent Industries is one plastic injection molding company that can help. The employee-owned, U.S.-based company uses its integrated, single-source solution and advanced engineering capabilities to provide solutions for virtually any custom medical component. Contact Crescent Industries today to learn more about their plastic injection molding solutions. 

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